Management System Enhancements that work for you

In our efforts to keep you on the cutting edge of syndication we have made updates to our P24 and Private Property feed. The Property24 enhancements pertain mainly to commercial listing updates and a few minor updates to syndicate auctions and P24 developments.

Commercial Update
The majority of the updates appear on Step 2 of the full commercial listing. The updated fields include:

These additional commercial fields will only feed through to Property24

Selecting the Auction checkbox will populate additional fields, the majority of these additional fields are required and must be completed. Completing teh fields will then sync the auction details through to P24.

P24 Developments
We have included a P24 Development ID field under syndication. See the below article for further information on this enhancement.

P24 Developments Enhancement

Do not populate this field if the listing is not linked to a Property24 development, this will result in the listing being permanently blocked.

Private Property (Bank Properties)
We have added a field called Bank Property - Associated Bank.

This drop-down is used for bank assisted sales that are supported by Private Property. The option can be found under the full listing on Step 4. Please only use this option and the FNB Quick Sell options should you have this arrangement with Private Property. Selecting these options without an agreement with the portal will result in your listing not syndicating through.

Remember to sync your listing after editing, this will force any changes you have made to the listing to reflect on the Portals. These include image order changes, price changes, on-show status and all other edits you may have made.
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