Step 1:

Once you have received your email signature files in your email, or have them on your PC, you will need to save them into a specific folder:

Highlight and copy all the stationery files attached in the email (Ctrl+C to copy or Right-click>Copy).


You will need to save all the attachments emailed to you into this window that is opened:
CTRL+V /Right Click > Paste into this folder. Or File> Save Attachments> All Attachments and browse to the location of the window opened up

Step 2:

Click on "Tools", then "Options"

Step 3:

Select the "Mail Format" tab. In the Message Format section, ensure that your format is set at "HTML" and the top and bottom check boxes are unchecked.

Step 4

We need to open the folder that we will need to save the attachments in:

Hold the Ctrl button down and click on "*Signatures**"

This will open up a window to where we need paste the copied stationery files

Click in the window that was opened
Press Ctrl+V (or rightclick with your mouse and select "paste") in this window

Step 5:

Click the drop down for "*Signature for new messages**:" and select the name of your HTML signature file.
Click on the drop down for "*Signature for replies and forwards**:" and select the name of your HTML signature file

Step 6:

Click "Apply" then "OK".
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