Link your listings to a Property24 Development

You are now able to link your listings that are part of a Property24 development directly from your Management System.

Only for-sale listings are supported by Property24 at this stage.

What's the benefit of linking my listings to a development?

Property24 will not block any listings that are related to the development, this means that you may now have duplicate images and descriptions on your listings that are linked to the development.

How to link your listing:

Firstly, establish the P24 development ID : See image, the ID is the last part of the P24 URL.

P24 ID
In this case the development ID is 2372

The next step is to add the ID to your PDMS listing page: The field is called: Property 24 Development Id:

Save your changes and resync your listing to the portal.

Use the Feed Log or Feeds Management Page, re-sync your listing to ensure your listing has been updated on the portal and added to the development.
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