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We are consistently looking at ways to enhance your PDMS experience and today we have a few exciting updates for you.

So, what's new?

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There is a new status - Valuations

Data captured under this status will be reflected under it's own tab next to Pending which will make listings with this status easy to find. This would apply to listings where the mandate may be pending and it is not officially on the market. Website Display will be unchecked and the Syndication's section will be hidden in the future - although currently visible, listings with this status won't feed to the portals.

When the status is changed to Active you will have a new field for the price and the Valuation price field will no longer be editable.

When a listing status is changed from Active to Sold you will now also be able to record the agent within your company that sold this listing as well as the price it was sold for.

You will be able to compare that data - Valuation Price, Marketing Price and Sold Price. We will not feed this data anywhere.

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Serviced Locations

If applicable you are now able to set the location that specific branches are allowed to operate in. There is a check box in your Website Setting file which will enforce this and once checked the branch will only be able to add listings based on the Area's allocated to them under this field.

This feature is useful for franchised agencies.

Price Reduced Banner and Price reduced Mailer

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When a price is reduced you will now have a check box selection per listing as to whether you want the banner to reflect on the listing - it will no longer be visible on the front-end by default. Once selected you will have a further option to send a Price Reduced Email Alert as well. The Alert will be sent once.

Showday Alerts:

A Showday Property Email Alert will be sent to any leads in the system who's criteria matches that of the showday listing. These alerts will be generated every Thursday afternoon.

Ensure that your showday listings are finalised by Thursday morning

System Generated Reminders:

Mandate Expiry - we will be sending email alerts to the Agent and to the Branch email address. Four different alerts will be sent: 60 days notice, 30 days notice, 2 weeks notice and 1 weeks notice.

Also for listings marked as rented - if you have tenant info on a rental listing and you capture the Tenant Lease ends date you will also receive reminders of the lease expiry on the same timelines as the Mandate expiry notifications.
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