Remote connections using Teamviewer

You may find yourself in a situation that you cannot resolve. You may need the assistance from a technician who is not in your immediate proximity. But you still need assistance urgently.

The solution to this, is a Remote Access session. What this entails, is that you are allowing a technician to remote into your PC from his location, over the internet. They can work on your PC, resolve your issues, and the log out again, leaving you to carry out your daily tasks.

This sounds quite scary, but the risks of a remote session are very minimal.

Firstly, no one can remote into your PC, without you allowing them access. Prop Data's Remote Support Client (which is Team Viewer) needs to be installed on your PC. Every time you open up the Remote Support Client, you will be presented with a remote ID number, and random password will always be generated.

Our technicians cannot remote into your PC without:

- Your remote ID number

- The random password that is generated on your side
- An Internet connection

We cannot remote into your PCs without your permission.

Downloading Prop Data's Remote Support Client:

Our Remote Support Client is available for Windows, Apple and Linux users.

To download the Prop Data Quick Support Client , click the button below:

Click here to download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Once you have downloaded the remote Support Client, run the application.

You will be given an ID number and unique password. You will need to give this information to the Support Technician in order for the to remotely assist you.

An example of what our Prop Data remote support client will look like below:

(Please note, your remote instance will have a unique ID number and password. Below is just an example)