Add or Edit users on the Prop Data system.

  • Once you are logged onto your Prop Data system, please navigate your way to Users > then select Users (underlined beneath) again.
  • From here select the user profile you want to edit, simply insert a tick and click on Add (to add a new) or Edit (an existing user) on the menu above.

Please ensure that all the required fields are completed. Required fields are marked with a red arrow indicator:

Non-required fields are mainly for admin purposes and are not exposed to the public.

  • Should you require to add in your Privy Seal to your profile, you may do so under the Resume section at the bottom:

What is required here is the Privy Seal ID, not  the Privy Seal url. See this example:

  1. Once you have applied for a Privy Seal, they will send 4 URLs to you (
  2. What we require from the URL is the ID.  The ID will always be your name and surname. You will only need to copy , First name-Second name from the URL and insert it on the Prop Data system.

This will ensure that your Privy Seal logo/time-stamp is displayed on the website as well as your e-mail signature (should Prop Data design your e-mail signature).

Once you have filled in all the details, you may allow an individual to gain access to the system by completing these fields:

Username: To access the system

UserGroup: Define the set of permissions that you want to grant to the new user.

  • Once you have completed those fields you may save the listing (click Add/Edit user without changing media ) and go back to the summary, or save the first page and cycle through to the next page to add the photo for the user (click Add/Edit user and take me to the media gallery).

  • If  you need to upload a photo, all you need to do is click on “Add Photo”, browse for the photo on your PC, and upload.

  • Once uploaded you may, adjust the image to your liking and click on “Save Profile Photo”

Please note that this image will display on the website, e-mail signature, brochure and other portals which syndicate listings, such as Property 24 and Private Property.

  • Once you are happy with all detail, click on “Done” at the bottom.