• Once you have logged into your Prop Data Management System, in the top-right corner  select “Branches”.


  • Once you are in the Branches page, you can select “Add” from the sub-menu below:


  • To add a branch is very simple, you are required to fill in the static information for  your branch.

Please note that all mandatory fields are marked with a red indicator. These fields are necessary, as they will reflect on the website, newsletters, brochures, listings, etc. Branch information also syndicates through to the various Property portals - by completing these fields you will ensure that your branch is recognized and identified on the Web.

All other, non-mandatory fields may be completed if necessary, however completing the social media links sections is handy as this will give your branch more exposure and is easily accessible from your website, so that potential and current clients can keep up-to-date with your real estate business.

  • If you have inserted a street address for your branch, the map will adjust accordingly to your location. You may fill in the location physically on the map and you are given the freedom to manipulate the map.

  • Once you have completed filling in the branch details, you may proceed to save the data and clicking “Add branch without changing media”.

“Add branch and take me to the media gallery” can be ignored, as this functionality is no longer in use. However, it is applicable to custom pages.

To remove a branch

If you require to remove a branch from the system you may set it as “Inactive”. This will not remove the branch off of the system completely but the branch will no longer be visible or applicable for usage and is easily retrievable should you want to reactivate it at a later stage.

  1. Before making a branch “Inactive”, you will need to move all the existing Leads and Subscribers to another branch's mailing list or set them to “Archive”/”Inactive” on the system first.
  2. Thereafter, you will need to ensure that all the listings for that branch are either “Archived” or assigned to another branch.
  3. Once these listings are moved away from the branch, you will need to ensure that the agents attached to the branch are either, “Inactive” or moved over to another branch.
  4. Thereafter you may edit the branch and set the branch to “Inactive” and click on “Edit branch without changing media” at the bottom of the page to save your edit.

Alternatively, if you do not want to manually assign the listings and agents to another branch. You may edit the branch and set it as “Inactive”. The system will then ask you which branch you would like to assign the listings and agents to.

Thereafter you may click on “Done”, the system will now export all existing agents and listings to the new, selected branch. Click on “Edit branch without changing media” at the bottom of the page to save your edit.