One of the most common issues is the incorrect locations coming from your listing on Property 24. By reading this guide, you can ensure that your listing reflects the correct location on Property 24.

When adding or editing a listing,as a requirement, you would need to fill in the location fields on Prop Data. When a listing feeds through to Private Property, they will take the locations from these fields and display them accordingly on their portal, however Property 24 requires a much more refined approach.

  • Under ‘Property Listing Syndication’, next to the Property 24 tick box, you may select the ‘Property 24 Details’ to ensure that your listing reflects the way you want.

  • From here you will be able to amend the Property Type and Property Location and click  ‘Done’ once you have completed these fields.

Take note that you do not need to fill in the Property Type section (however, it is good practice to fill this in, so that your listing has better exposure on Property 24), as a requirement Property 24 only needs the Property Location section to be completed.

When saving the listing - the Property 24 details box fields are left blank. This box will pop-up and the listing will only save once you have inserted the data.

Find all locations supported by P24 here