Step 1

In the Prop Data Management System

1. Hover over "Users"
2. Click on "Users"

A list of all the users that you are able to edit or view will be displayed.

3. Select the user you wish to create an email stationery for

Step 2

Select the template for the email stationery, and the branch for the user:

Select the required template from the select list
Select the branch the user's stationery will be generated for
Click on the "Preview" button

Step 3

You can then edit the fields according to the users' particular requirements.
Note that all fields with a red triangle are required to have valid information)

Edit the email stationery form fields with required information if necessary
You can edit these fields to be different if the agent requires
The email address field needs to be valid, as the email stationery will be sent to this email address if you are creating the stationery for a particular user
Ensure that you select the correct Operating System in the select list (Windows or MAC OS) as this will generate different stationery files.

Step 4

Once you happy with the preview of your email stationery, you are ready to compile your email stationery

Click the "Download Stationery" button to download your copy of the stationery to your computer. You will then be redirected to our help center, which will have instructions to help you save the stationery file to your PC. Please ensure that you follow the correct tutorial for the mail client you are using (Outllook 2007 etc)
If you are creating the email stationery for another user: click "Email Stationery" This will email the stationery files to the users' email address in the "Email" field. They will receive an email with their files attached and links to the help center to help them save their stationery files for the particular email client (Outlook 2007, Apple Mail etc)