Step 1:

Display Your Signature in Safari

You will have to have your email set up on your phone first. To get your email set up on your iPhone or iPad please visit our instructions here.

Once you have received your email stationery in your Mail on your device, click on the ".html" file. It should be named "your-name-stationery.html".

The file will open up in a browser.

You will see your signature displayed in Safari.

Step 2:

Copy Your Signature to Your Clipboard

Zoom out to see the whole signature. Hold your finger on any block of text (not an image or picture) until the block of text is highlighted with four blue dots.

Note: Some signature designs do not contain any text that will allow this. In this case we will provide some temporary text beneath the signature. You may use this to execute the copy process. You can then delete the temporary text once the signature is installed into your email program. If you are not finding any text you may use to perform this copy function, please return to the form where you created your signature and look near the bottom of the form for an option to turn on this temporary text.

Drag the blue dot (as shown) all the way to the top of the screen.

Always move upwards.

No matter where you start, a complete drag to the top will highlight the entire page as needed.

The whole screen will now be blue, with a "Copy" prompt in view. Tap "Copy" and your signature will be copied to your clipboard.

Step 3:

Install Your Signature

Begin by going to "Settings"

In Settings, scroll down to "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Next, scroll down to "Signature" then tap to open the Signature window.

Hold your finger in the white edit window until the "Paste" prompt appears. Tap the "Paste" prompt.

You will see your pasted signature as below:

Step 4:

Your signature will appear in the Signature window but the formatting of the text will be defaulted. GIVE YOUR PHONE A GOOD SHAKE. This will cause the option to "Undo Change Attributes" to appear - click it and the font formatting will be restored to the proper styling for the signature.

Your signature will appear, properly formatted, in the Signature window. Tap out of Settings. Your signature will be saved automatically.

Step 5:

Use Your Signature

Your email signature will now automatically appear when you go to compose or reply to a message.