In order to have your HTML Signature from Prop Data set up in Microsoft Entourage for Mac, kindly follow the steps as outlined below.

Step 1

Open your signature. Once you have received the email signature, save this HTML Document to your desktop and open it in Safari.

Step 2

Copy your signature. Once this has been opened in Safari, highlight the whole signature by using the ‘Cmd + A’ key combination on your apple keyboard (Command + A) and then Copy this content by using the ‘Cmd + C’ combination.

Step 3

Open the signature editor. Open Entourage and select the ‘Tools’ menu option from the top. Now select "Signatures". Click on the button that reads "New" to build a new signature.

Step 4

Create your signature. Ensuring that you are in the ‘Signature’ window that appears after you click the "New" button, press ‘Command + v’ on your keyboard to paste in your signature that you copied from your browser

Step 5

Save your signature. The signature you just created should be saved automatically when you close the editing window. You should see your new signature in the main "Signatures" menu.

Step 6

Set Entourage to display your signature automatically. Displaying a signature automatically keeps you from having to choose your signature for every email you create. The process is simple and can be done as follows:

  • Click on "Tools" in the menu bar, and then click on "Accounts".
  • Double-click your email account to open the "Settings" menu.
  • Click on the "Options" tab.
  • In the drop-down menu that reads "Signature", select the signature you want to insert automatically.
  • You can now close the window.

This should conclude your signature set up in Entourage, however, if you are experiencing any issues or this guide does not assist you correctly kindly contact our support team at, or alternatively call us on 031 266 0035.