What to do when you receive an email with this subject: "How to free up space in a full mailbox."

At times you may receive an email from the Prop Data email server stating that "Your mailbox is now 95% full. Please delete your old e-mails to avoid exceeding your quota."

To resolve this, you should not need to delete email from your mail program (Outlook, Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc) instead, the best way to clean up your Mailbox is through the use of the Prop Data Webmail service.

Note that deleting emails from the Webmail system will not delete emails from your devices as long as your devices are set up as POP3 and not IMAP.

IMAP users: kindly contact PropData Support for guidance on how to have your emails archived as doing any of the suggested actions below will result in a loss of emails.

  1. Simply log on to your Webmail System: http://mail.hostedemail.com
  2. Provide your Email Address and Password, then click login.
  3. Select '**Inbox**' from the folders down the left side.
  4. You can then easily '**Select All**' from the selection tools at the bottom.
  5. Once selected click on '**Delete**' at the top.

Once your Inbox has been cleared, you need to ensure that you clean up the Trash folder to remove all deleted emails once and for all. To do this:

  • Click on the 'Trash' folder on the left
  • Click on 'Select All' - the same as with the inbox folder
  • Select 'Delete' and all emails will now be deleted accordingly.

 This will clear all your emails on the email server and you should not see the warning email until your mailbox becomes full again.