In order to set up your Prop Data Email Signature in Outlook Express, you need to firstly ensure that you have been sent the MAC version of the signature and not the Windows version, as the MAC version is designed in a way that Outlook Express should be fine to use.

Please be advised, however, that not ALL email signatures will work correctly with Outlook Express due to the way that this Email Program handles HTML Technologies.

To insert an HTML signature into Outlook Express messages, use the following steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click the Signatures tab.
  3. Click New, and then click File.
  4. click Browse to locate the file.
  5. Select the Signature file you saved and click Open.
  6. Ensure you have saved the settings.
  7. Click Ok.

Opening a new email will let you see if you have applied the signature correctly, if this does not appear simply confirm that your signature settings are correct.
Should you still not get the signature to display, simply contact our Support Team and we can assist you further.