To initiate the transfer of a CO.ZA domain from your previous host to Prop Data, the following process is undertaken:

The Transfer Ticket Request Process:

1: The moment you signup for one of our packages; Prop Data submits a request for domain ticket to .CO.ZA (The Registrar - Uniforum)

NOTE: A ticket request will only be sent if all payments at .CO.ZA are up to date.

2: CO.ZA has an automated "ticketman" that will then submit this request to all the registered contacts of the domain. You can see these details by running a Whois query on the domain.

3: This Ticket request can be accepted, denied or ignored by the current host and/or registered contacts.

4: If the Ticket is ACCEPTED and NOT denied by any other person then the domain will be updated at CO.ZA and Prop Data will be in control of the domain; in not less than 24 hrs.

5: If the Ticket is DENIED by any one of the contacts. Then the transfer ticket request will be denied and no transfer will take place at CO.ZA straight away.

6: If the Ticket is IGNORED by all contacts then this acts as if the Ticket was declined; & will expire in exactly 24hrs.

NOTE: Usually a host will deny a ticket request if there is an outstanding amount due, or if the cancellation requirements have not been met.

7: If a ticket is unsuccessful all effort will be made to identify why the ticket was denied and you will be informed of this. Once the problem is sorted out, another transfer ticket request will be sent.