The various portals as well as your own website have different requirements to display your listing. In this manual we will explain the various errors and how to identify most via your Feeds Management Page.

To access the Feeds Management Page click on the Feeds icon at the top right of your Management System Page.

Select the required information into the pop-up block. Active > All Listing Types > Your Branch > Agent


How to determine that you have a syndication error?

In the image below you will see a series of columns with the headings: Prop Data, Private Property, Property24 and Gumtree. * The list is populated by your selection of which portals you have accounts with and will vary from client to client.

All green ticks are "clickable". Clicking on the tick will take you either to your own listing on the front-end of your website or directly to your listing on the portal.

Feeds Management Page

Hovering your mouse pointer over a red X will then tell you what your syndication error is and the most

common of these errors will be elaborated on below.

Clicking on your Web Ref to the left of the Feeds Management Page will take you to the Website  Edit page for that listing, this is a handy way correct issues quickly.

Common Property24 Syndication Issues and how to correct them

Error : Failed, not set to feed to Property24

Fix: Edit your listing and make sure that the Property24 and Hometraders checkbox is ticked.


Save your listing and sync again.

Error: Could not match location with Property24 

This error occurs when a location that is not supported by Property24 is used when adding or editing a listing. As this is one of the most common P24 feed issues we have a separate article that can be found here: P24 location fix

Error: We could not process this listing. Please contact Prop Data support ( Error: Server raised fault: 'YouTube Video ID invalid.

This error occurs when the full URL is inserted into the YouTube Video ID: field.

To correct this issue edit your listing and proceed to the media gallery.


As seen in the image above the full URL has been inserted into the field. Only the YouTube ID needs to be added into the field (the text that is not highlighted).

Save your listing and sync again to send the update to P24

Error: We could not process this listing. Please contact Prop Data support ( Error: Server raised fault: 'Total download size of 60 MB will be exceeded

This error occurs when the total size of all your listing images exceeds the 60MB limit stipulated by Property24. There are two ways to correct this issue A. Edit your listing and reduce the number of images you have on your listing or B. Reduce the physical size in megabytes of each image using a photo editing application.

Once completed save your image order and then save your listing. Then re-sync.

Photo Tip, try use a maximum of 18 good quality images that present a good representation of the flow of your listing. Your best external image of your listing should always be your first image.

Error: New listings must be active in order to feed to Property24

This error will occur when the website display checkbox has not been ticked. Edit the listing and check the block, see image below.

Re-sync the listing.

Error: Error while downloading image 

The full error text is much longer than the title of this section, however reading between the "computer speak" you will find the issue highlighted below in the full error text:

We could not process this listing. Please contact Prop Data support ( Error: Server raised fault: '**Error while downloading image '': The remote server returned an error: (502) Bad Gateway.'

One or more of your listing images has a bad link, this is usually caused by an interruption to your internet connection or a slow internet connection when uploading larger images.

It is advisable to delete all of your listing images, upload the images again and save your listing. Re-sync and your listing will upload to P24 successfully.

With P24 a single agent cannot be agent 1 and agent 2 on a listing, an unexpected error will occur.

Common Private Property Syndication Issues and how to correct them

The Private Property works in a completely different way to that of Property24. Certain listing attributes that are required by P24 may not be required by Private Property and vise-versa. Subsequently the errors that you may encounter are completely different.

Important notes about the Private Property feed below:

  1. Image names must be in .jpg format (Do not name your images .JPG). They will not accept listing with image name ending in .JPG
  2. Your images must be in a landscape orientation
  3. Make sure your listing location is correct before saving your listing as the feed cannot change the location once Private Property have locked the location.
  4. When you opt to not have a price reduced banner on your listing in the management system, this will not feed through to Private Property and must be changed manually by them until they update their feed.

Error: Private Property require a minimum of 1 photo

Private Property require that listings have at least 1 image loaded. If there is no image attached to the listing the listing will be rejected. Add listing images and the sync the listing again.

Error: Duplicate entry. Based on matching of the address to another address

The full error message is below but please not the text highlighted in bold the rest of the error message is inconsequential.

Server raised fault: 'System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> PPLSystems.Web.WebServices.AgentImport.ASAPIException: PP70 - Failed Mandate Validation : Duplicate entry. Based on matching of the address to another address. at PPLSystems.Web.WebServices.AgentImport.AgentImport.MandateSave(Branch branch, Listing listingImport, Int32 listingId, Int32 propertyId, Property prop) at PPLSystems.Web.WebServices.AgentImport.AgentImport.ImportSalesListing(Int32 listingId, Branch branch, Listing listingImport) at PPLSystems.Web.WebServices.AgentImport.AgentImport.UpdateListing(Listing ListingImport, SecurityToken Token) --- End of inner exception stack trace ---'

The error refers to an address, be it complex name and number and/or street number and name. Make certain that you do not have another active listing with the same address. If the listing is in a complex/estate/development ensure that the complex unit name and number is unique, as well as the listing images

Error: bathrooms not set(residential), cannot be 0

When adding a residential listing other than vacant land and syndicating to Private Property a bathroom number must be added to a listing.

A studio apartment must have a bathroom added but a bedroom is not required.