Adding a New Branch

1. Select Company on the navigation menu. Then select Branches from the sub-nav.

2. Click on the Add button to access the standard form to complete.

3. All required fields (highlighted with a red bar) must be completed.

4. Ensure that the Google Mapping section is pinned correctly for the branch location.

5. Under Area Allocation / Serviced Locations the correct suburbs must be added as per the branch’s license / franchise agreement. N.B. If a suburb / area was excluded in this field, listings in said suburb / area cannot be captured.

6. Ensure that a good branch profile is provided for the Profile field as this will feature on the branch’s landing page on your public facing website.

7. Ensure that superior quality Branch Images are uploaded as these will feature on the branch landing page.

8. Once all detail you have captured is complete and correct, click the Save button.


Select the desired operation from the navigation bar


Show Required Fields

Minimum fields to complete to save the record

Collapse Groups  

View the scope of the input form by group title sections

Display on Website  

Tick this checkbox to ensure that the branch will feature on the public facing website

Google Mapping

Pin the branch location by typing the address into the search box or click the Map from address button

Note: To feature on the public facing website the branch must be mapped

Serviced Locations

If this setting has been enabled for your company, ensure all suburbs per branch have been added here. Listings for omitted suburbs will fail to save


Compose a professional, unique and hyper-local branch profile

Social Media

Add all your active business accounts here to maximise your social exposure

Branch Images

Add at least one high quality, professional and unique branch image to feature on your website branch landing page


Save any elected administrative documentation here securely

Editing an Existing Branch

1. Navigate to Company on the navigation bar and select Branches.

2. Find the desired branch record by:

• Enter the branch name in Search.

• Alternatively you can search by ID or alphabetically.

3. Tick the correct branch record. Then click on the Edit button.

4. Proceed to edit the desired field(s) once the branch detail form has open

5. Note: The Save button will remain greyed out until you have made a change.

6. Ensure that all detail you have edited / altered / updated is correct, then click the Save button.

7. It is essential that branch detail data is kept up-to-date and accurate on an ongoing basis, particularly with regards to:

• Active Users / Agents linked to the branch.

• Serviced locations allocated to the branch.

• Contact details.

Managing Branches - List View

1. The standard Branches list view page provides an at a glance overview of the branches’ contact details, active listings, leads, profiles and subscriber numbers.

2. When working with the branch list data, the records can be sorted and / or ranked easily by any chosen criteria available for the table view columns.

(Also see: Table Manager)

3. It is quick and simple to extract required sets of data from the user list view page. You can easily select records using the checkboxes and proceed to bulk edit, export (as excel or pdf) and / or print required data selections.

4. Key to Listings Abbreviations used on list view pages:

RFS    Residential For Sale

RTL    Residential To Let

CFS   Commercial For Sale

CTL   Commercial To Let

RD     Residential Developments

CD     Commercial Developments

RE      Residential Estates

CE      Commercial Estates

HL      Holiday Letting

Action Buttons


Table Manager button
Choose which columns you want to view and in which order. A large number of column header options are available here

Listings per branch

Summary view of all available branches’ active listings per type

Note:  See more in the Working with List View Pages section

 Branches Details

Multiple actions become available when you select an individual branch record: Tick the desired record and select the Details button, or right-click the branch name and select Details.

This tab is a dashboard for each individual branch that provides general statistics and administrative details

Contact Details

Select hyperlinks to contact the chosen branch

Branches Toolbox


Generate and print the branch profile


All actions available for individual user records are accessible on this tab. Click on the chosen action button below to proceed

Click to view and manage leads for the chosen branch

Click to view or add notes