When reducing the price of your sale or rental listing, the Prop Data Management System allows you to choose to add a banner to your listing and send alerts. The banner is applicable to both residential and commercial listings and will feed to Property24 and Private Property. 

How to add the price reduced banner

Perform a Website Edit your listing.

Reduce the price and then press the "Tab" key on your keyboard, a new checkbox will appear below the price field, see image below with new Price Reduced checkbox active: 

Selecting the checkbox will add a "Reduced" banner to the top left of your primary listing image on your own website. The banner will also be sent to Property24 and Private Property. 

Once you have made the selection a new checkbox will appear: Send Price Reduced Alert

Selecting the Send Price Reduced Alert  checkbox will queue email alerts to all prospective clients that may have made an enquiry about the listing. 

The below image shows you how the banner appears on your listing:

* If you do not want the banner, leave the checkbox unchecked.

** Reducing the price of the listing will automatically add a "Reduced" banner to your listing on Private Property as their feed does not yet accommodate the banner on/off switch. Please contact Prop Data Support to have the banner removed from your listing on Private property.

*** Remember to sync your listing to force the price change through to the portals.