1. To access the leads module click on the leads icon once you have logged into the management           system as displayed below:

You can search for a lead using the ‘Keyword Search’ box located to the right of the screen.

You can search for any of the following criteria : Name, Email, Contact Number, Lead Type, Lead Source

Be aware of the ‘Lead Status’ tabs on the Lead Summary page and ensure that you are on the correct tab when looking for your specific lead. To search for your lead regardless of the lead status, select the ALL LEADS tab.

Telephonic Leads will have records of where prospective clients have clicked to reveal the phone number ("Show my number") option on your various web-pages. We do not store the details of these users (as they have never entered any personal data) i.e. names & contact numbers , its just a useful guide of client activity.

2. To Add a lead, click the “Add” option as displayed below:

3. Fill in all the required fields as indicated by the red arrow head for step 1 and then select the “Next     Step” button as displayed below:

Marketing note: Only add leads to your mailing list and alerts if they have given their explicit permission

Show House tip: Create a document with client name, surname, email address, cell number, property requirements and permissions columns. The permissions columns should read: "I want to receive alerts from "your agency" and I want to receive monthly newsletters from "your agency". 

Alerts include: Price reduced, show day and new properties matching the clients criteria.  

This is a great way to increase your listings audience and the best part is that your Prop Data Management System will do this all for you, you just need to add the leads!

NB. There are numerous required data fields such a contact number & email address so make sure you have this ready when capturing your leads. With Buyer & tenant leads you will be required to capture certain property requirements data as well

4. On step 2 of the process you are able to :

  • Email any property matches through to the client

  • Generate Property Match brochures

  • Generate Agent/Broker PDF

  • Make notes specific to this lead

5. Once you are happy with the information you have captured, click  “Done”:

Your new lead has been added to the system.

NB. When using the Match tool, please note the ‘Match Index’ star rating.

Red hot match = Identical match to client criteria, less relevant matches will be "cooler" on the Prop Data Match index.

6. To  edit a lead, select the lead and then select “edit” as shown below:

7. Make the necessary updates and save.

8. To view the lead details, select the lead and then select “details" as shown below:

9. This will bring up the ALL the details of the lead in an easy to view and printable format, as seen         below:

NB. Note that if the lead has been generated from a listing enquiry on the web, then the linked reference number for the listing will be detailed on the Details Page as per below. The reference number is itself a link which will allow you to click through the listing itself for further reference.

You are also able to select multiple records that you wish to work with at the same time which will give you the ability to page through them using the record navigation.

10. You can also print out all your leads by selecting “Print This Page”

The print output is A4 portrait friendly so be sure to set your printer accordingly.

11. You are easily able to return to the leads results page by clicking the  ‘Summary’ button.

12. You are able to print the leads summary page which will essentially perform a print screen of the summary page with the leads records that are visible on the page. This may be handy if you have already used the ‘Advanced Search’ feature and then quickly want to print multiple results in row format.

Be sure to set your printer to portrait A4 orientation when printing the output page.

13. The leads reporting functionality can be accessed by clicking the ‘Reports’ button. This will direct you to a filter interface which allows you to set various parameters to filter your leads data.

You are able to filter leads by:

1. Status

2. Lead Type

3. Linked Branch

4. Linked User / Agent

5. Created Date (from & to date)

6. Property Size Requirement

7. The report output can be standard graphical report or a custom leads report (available on development)

14. The graphical report will deliver a comprehensive break down based on the filtering you have              applied on:

  • Lead Source

  • Lead Location

  • Buyer/Tenant/Seller/Landlord breakdown by listing type, suburb, property type.

You are able to print the graphical reports page by clicking the ‘Print this Page’ button.

15. The leads module gives you the ability to archive leads that are no longer in the market. By selecting multiple lead records and then using the ‘Archive’ button, lead records are updated with an archive status. They are not deleted and are still available to search, report on and reactivate in future.

16. You are able to capture notes against your leads by selecting an individual lead record and then selecting the ‘Make Notes’ button

From the notes capture interface you are able to enter:

1. Select an agent or user to capture the note on behalf of

2. Select an applicable note title from the drop down options

3. Enter free text notes

4. By clicking the ‘Save’ button the note and associated data is added    to the notes history displayed in the history trail.

History notes on a contact record are also displayed on the details page at the bottom of a record page.

17.  The advanced search functionality allows you to filter your lead records by multiple parameters at the same time and hen returns the record results in the main summary page so that you are better able to work them.

You are able to input the following filter parameters which can include multiple:

1. Lead Status

2. Lead Type

3. Lead Source

4. Linked Branch

5. Linked Agent / User

6. Required Area

7. Date Created (from/to date)

8. Required Price Range (from/to price)

9. Required Property Size Range (from/to size)

10. Minimum Bedroom Requirement