NB: Users with Head Office or Branch Management permissions will have access to do the following.

The design of your homepage enables you to select a minimum of two featured listings.

You can select the listings you wish to feature in your Prop Data Management System. To do this, you would need to navigate to Listings > Residential/Commercial/Development Listings. This will open the Listing Summary Page.


Once the page has loaded you will notice that there is a column with the heading , "Featured" at the far right of the page. 

*Pro Tip*: To quickly view featured listings, make use of the Sort by drop-down, Select "Featured (Yes to No)". This will allow you to view all listings that have been marked as featured.

You can use the "Keyword Search" option to locate specific listings. Enter an address, web ref number or agent name.

Please keep in mind, if you select more featured listings than what your homepage was designed for, the featured listings will be chosen randomly on the page load.