This will be visible only if you have been assigned the appropriate user group permissions by your Branch management/Head office.

This is a good way to analyse information in a very flexible manner either via PDF or Excel ( Excel allows further filtering when compared to PDF )

1. Navigate to the Listing summary page and select Reports as per below.

2. The next page that loads will contain the fields required for pulling the necessary information from, depending on your choices made from the drop-down menus. Please do not use a large time-frame as it can cause the report to take longer to generate or fail if your company has a lot of listings. Once your desired search criteria has been entered choose either to get a PDF or Excel report on the red tabs below. Please ensure that the required fields are completed, marked by a red indicator to the left of the available fields.

Should you prefer a PDF report, please click on "Generate PDF Report" Button, the system will prompt you to insert your email address. Once the system completes generating the report, it will email you (please refer to point 4).

Should you want a Excel Report please click on "Generate EXCEL Report" Button (please refer to point 3).

3. This will open a popup window containing choices of what information you require to be displayed on the EXCEL report by ticking your choices. Once your selection has been made, click Generate Excel Report

4. This will open up an additional popup window to enter the email address the link of the report is required to be sent to. Note the link is only valid for a short time period.