NB: Users with Head Office or Branch Management permissions will have access to do the following.

1. Please navigate from the main-menu to Website > Mailing List. Once you are within the Mailing List page click on Import, then choose the Download Mailing List Template as per below:

Save the file to your desired location on your PC, since the file is in an XLS format, you may open this with MS EXCEL or any spreadsheet application that supports XLS.

2. Fill out all of the necessary fields (copy and paste data from an existing document) and do not add any additional headings as per below.

- Subscribed Type: can be left blank, however, for statistical purposes it would best to complete this field.

- Branch: Can be left blank (for a single branch system). If you have multiple branches please complete this field as each branch will contain different sets of contacts and each branch will send out different newsletters to their respective branch contacts. Insert the complete branch name as per the branch name in the branches page on your management system or add the branch ID. (Please refer to the below image)


   - Contact Number: A mobile/land-line number, can be left blank

   - Email Address: Please complete the email address for your contact. This is a mandatory field. 

3. Once completed, please save the document (ensure it is saved as a XLS file format). Use the Import button again and locate the XLS file that you have saved and select + Upload Mailing List as per below.

The import will never duplicate email addresses