To add a Full listing, please navigate from the top right menu, to Listing. Once your mouse pointer is over Listings, you will be able to select the listing type you wish to capture, listing types available are dependent on your website package. In this instance we will be adding a Residential Listing.

Once you are on the listings summary page, you can however your pointer over add, two options will appear below add, namely “Website Listing” and "Full Listing". Select “Full Listing”. ".

Pro-Tip: Adding full listings requires more time and effort, the reward however is that your listing will contain all the information that clients require and your listing should rank higher on the various paid portals. This is particularly relevant for commercial listings where page two of the add full listing contains many more fields than the commercial website listing. 

The full listing also provides fields for internal data, such as commission splits, bond details, seller information and so on.

Required fields are marked with a red indicator next to the fields, should they not be completed the system will not proceed to the next step. 

Adding a Full listing requires 6 steps, the first 5 steps contain listing specific fields. The 6th step is a lead match to the property.

Below you can click on each step and the relevant how-to guide for each section will be displayed.

Step 1

Record Details

Please insert the the status listing from the drop-down menu

Active: Selecting this status will set the listing as live on your websites front-end (client facing) and make the listing active on the various property portals. Once added, the listing will have a NEW banner on the front-end of your website for 7 days.

Archived: This status will remove your listing for your website and other property portals.

Sold:If the listing has been sold by you or your agency, please select the sold status, a SOLD banner will display on your listing on the front-end of your website and other portals, by default the listing will display for 7 days before being removed from your website front-end and from the various portals. Note - The time a sold listing displays on your website front-end can be increased to 90 days. Please contact your Prop Data account manager should you wish to change the sold listing display duration.

Rented: If the listing has been rented out, please select Rented, a RENTED banner will display on your listing on the front-end of your website and other portals (by default the listing will display for 7 days before being removed from the portal. Please note the above duration applies).

Pending: This status will set your listing as “Under Offer” also known as “Sale Pending”/”Rental Pending”. our own website will display the status banner:PENDING, however, the listing will feed through as UNDER OFFER to the various portals.

Valuation: Should you want to determine the current value of your listing or tweak your listing before making it active for display on your website, you may mark the status as VALUATION. Selecting this status will not set the listing to display on your websites front-end or any property portals until the status is changed to active. Note: The valuation price once inserted cannot be amended.

Listing Details

Please complete this section to complete rudimentary details for the listing.

Listing Type: Select whether the listing is a FOR SALE or a TO LET listing

Branch: Select which branch this listing will belong to.

Agent 1,2,3:From each of the drop-downs, select the agents associated with the Listing. Agent 1 is the primary agent and any enquiries for the listing will be issued to that agent and not Agent 2 or Agent 3.

Price/Rental:Please insert price for the listing. For more info on how to add a price reduced banner to the listing, click here.

Valuation: Should you want to determine the current value of your listing, you may insert this estimation here. The valuation price once inserted cannot be amended.

POA: Price on Application, should this field be ticked the Price/Rental box above will disappear, causing the price not to reflect on the website or the various property portals, instead you will see POA, the price must however have been entered for the listing.

Property Details

This section will be able to insert physical information on the property.

Complex Unit no. & Complex Name: Even though these fields are not required, we recommend that they are completed when selecting listing type : Flat, Townhouse or sectional title syndication issues with Private Property. Private Property will block listings where the complex number is the same as an already active listing. By completing these fields, Private Property recognize that these listings are in the same complex and share the same physical addresses allowing them to feed through.

Street no. & Street name: These are required fields, however, the physical address will not be displayed on your own website. There is an option under the "Property Listing Syndication" section to "Property Listing Syndication" to "Publish Physical Address" for both Property 24 and Private Property

Erf Number: You may insert the erf number should you have one. The number is used to describe the property purchased. When a property or erf is sold, the transaction is then recorded by the Registrar of Deeds.

Province, Area, SuburbPlease complete the location on the listing. This is used for the listing search on your website and the various property portals. All locations on the Prop Data system are imported from Property 24 who map locations directly to municipalities and postal codes. Should an Area or Suburb not be available on your management system, please click here, you will be able to search for (Ctrl + f) your location and see the correct location mapping that you should use for your new listing. Should you require a new location to be added, please email

Property Title: From the drop-down list you can select, Sectional Title, Free Hold, Share Block, Leasehold, Life Rights. Your selection will display on the listing at the bottom of the image when viewing the listing on your website only.

Property Type: Please select the type of the property from the drop-down. This will reflect on the main page heading for the listing and on all property portals, in addition the property type is used for internet searching purposes.

Student Accommodation/Tender: If the listing is TO LET, the STUDENT ACCOMODATION field will be visible, if not, then the TENDER option will be available.

Measurement Type, Floor Size, Land Size:Even though these are not required fields. They will have bearing on how well the listing is scored on paid property portals and provide your prospective client with more relevant information.

Monthly Rates: Again, adding the rates figure to your listing will benefit your portal ranking. Make sure that this figure is accurate.

Link To A New Development/Estate Listing:Here you can select an estate or development and link the estate/new development to the listing. By doing so, this will cause the estate/development to reflect as an “article” on the listing when viewed on your website. A visitor will be able to select the estate/new development and view the details of the estate/development and any other listings that may be attached to it.

Auction Details

Should your listing be available for auction, please tick the box and ensure all required fields are completed. Auction will display above the listing on your website.

Note: Selecting POA will override the Auction text.

**Please take note the these fields will ONLY reflect on and feed through to Property 24.


Property Listing Syndication

By default the various portals you have contracts with will be ticked. Should you not wish the listing to syndicate out from your website you can remove the applicable portal ticks. Should the checkbox not be available to check at all, your branch/company may not have that portal added to your syndication.

Key points

Syndication Location Details:All locations on the Prop Data Management System are imported from Property 24 for industry conformity.

Publish Feature Notes: Should you have added notes for the various features of your listing on Step 2, they will feed to Property 24 only. Please note that Property 24 limits this to 50 characters.

Publish Physical Address (Property24 & Private Property): Will allow the physical address to display on Property 24 and Private Property, as well as display the map on the paid portals.

Property 24 Mandate Expiry Date: Should you insert a date in this field, then the listing will be removed on Property 24 on the specified date. If this is left blank, it will default to 120 days each time you update/refresh the listing, after 120 days have elapsed the listing will be removed, we recommend that a date is NOT set and that the listing is synced and updated regularly.

Property 24 Development ID: Should you have multiple listings in the same location with the same images, Property 24 will group them and subsequently those listings will share the same P24 reference. However, should those listings be in a development and said development is captured on Property24, you can insert the development ID for each listing that you add for the specified development. Property24 will NOT moderate the listings.

To get the ID, please locate your Development listing on Property24. Click on it and copy the last digits at the end on the URL, for example, 9999.

Property 24 Zoning: This will feed through to Property 24 and enhanced the score of the listing.

Clicking on NEXT STEP will save what you have captured on step 1 and create the listing. Step 2 will open up, were you can capture the listing features.

Step 2


Here you can capture the internal and external features for the property

The required fields on this step, those features will reflect on the various property portals and essentially for allowing the listing to feed through. The non-required fields will reflect on your website.

Each feature will contain a a Notes dialogue box, here you can fill in a short description for that feature. Should you have "Publish Featured Notes" ticked on "Property Listing Syndication" section, then those notes for the required fields will filter to Property 24, however, this is a 30 character limit.

You may also insert General notes on the listing for internal purposes. This will not be published on the listing. Uses for this field include, owner availability, bond outstanding amount, instructions to colleagues on complex rules etc.

Clicking on NEXT STEP will save what you have captured on step 2 and take you to Step 3.

Step 3

Complex Details

Most of the fields contained step 3 are not required fields, however, capturing them will enhance the listings portal ranking, fields such as monthly levy and pets allowed. The majority of information captured in this step will not be made public and is mainly used for internal purposes, such as Body Corporate Details, Viewing Details, Seller/ Landlord Details, etc.

Complex Details: Should the listing be in a complex, sectional title, apartment block, etc. You may complete the fields under this section.

Viewing Details

Viewing Details: For internal usage, you may insert the contact persons name and any notes relevant to the viewing the property.

Finance Details

Finance Details: By inserting a tick for any off the boxes will disable the various calculators that display on the client facing side of your website, see images below:.

The system will be able to calculate the monthly bond repayment over 20 years and at prime by default. This can be changed by clicking on "Change Assumption", so that the potential buyer can change their estimations.

Calculate Affordability, Calculate Bond & Transfer Costs and Currency Converter will have the same functionality, where estimations can be made, calculating cost and any other extra costs that affect the property the client wishes to purchase.

Seller/Landlord Details: The required fields here are necessary, since you are capturing a Full Listing. It is important to capture the sellers details, these fields are for internal use only and will not be published. simply insert the agents details.

Current/Tenants Details

Current Tenant Details: You can insert the current tenants details in these fields for internal use. This section contains no required fields.

Mandate Details

Mandate Details: Here you can insert the mandate agreement details between a Seller and the Estate Agent(s) regarding the marketing of the property, the agreement duration and obligations of both parties. Commission split, etc can be keyed in. There are three common types of mandates: sole mandate, multi-listing mandate and an open / dual mandate.

Mandate Type: From the drop-down you can select, Sole, Open, Company Listing, Shared, MLS (Multi-Listing), Valuation, Expired, Referred. Your mandate selection will be displayed on your website for the listing as a banner across the bottom on the images.

Open Hour & Bond Details

e) Open Hour and Bond Details: These are not required fields, however these fields add value by providing additional information for admins, principles and fellow agents.

Clicking on NEXT STEP will save what you have captured on step 3 and take you to Step 4.

Step 4

Google Mapping

To map your listing, type in the street address of your property in the search box provided then select either "Map To Suburb" or "Map To Address", both the aforementioned fields only pertain to your website, see portal mapping below. 

Should you have "Publish Physical Address" ticked for Property 24 and Private Property on Step 1 under the section "Property Listing Syndication" the coordinates of your listing will be sent to the portals so that the map displays on the portal listing page. You must enter the listing address into the Google map provided 

Website Details

Website Display: This checkbox is checked by default, if you do not want the listing to display on your website or syndicate to the various portals, uncheck the box, this is a handy way to double check your listing before syndication takes place. As soon as you are satisfied that your listing is perfect, website edit the listing and check the website display box. Your listing will then be active on your website and start syndicating to the various portals.

Web Ref No.: It is advisable to leave this field blank, the system will allocate the next web ref number in the current sequence.

Note: Changing the web ref number after a listing has syndicated to the paid portals, is strongly advised against. This will cause a break in the chain that links the listing to the portal and future updates to the listing will not syndicate at all.


RL = Residential Listing.

CL = Commericial Listing.

HL = Holiday Listing.

EL = Estate Listings.

ND = New Developments.

 Marketing Heading:This field should describe your listing in a nutshell and capture the prospective clients attention. Avoid using multiple exclamation marks.There is a 100 character limit in this field.


Description:This is a required field. The listing description should be verbose and descriptive, captivate your future buyer/tenant with a detailed account of what each room and area of the property has to offer. See snippet of a detailed description below:

This grand family home exudes contemporary elegance and is composed of four spacious bedrooms, two modern bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, open plan dining, stylish home bar, formal lounge, Tv room, study, covered entertainment patio and a large self-contained flatlet. It is set in a landscaped surrounding that boasts beautiful valley views, a water feature koi pond and well-established garden beds. This opulent home, with its modern, clean lines and free-flowing circulation, is a pure joy to live in.

Located in the heart of the prominent suburb of Cowies Hill and situated down a large, paved driveway, the home itself is accessed through a walled porch which opens out onto a sunny courtyard replete with water feature, koi pond and built-in seating. The courtyard can also be securely accessed directly via the double garage.

Note: Do not add @ signs, special characters and telephone numbers into your description. Keep an eye on punctuation and grammar.

On Show Details

Should the property be on-show on a specific date, please insert a tick here and complete the fields. This will feed through to your website, Property24 and Private Property. Selecting on show every Saturday and or on show every Sunday will NOT syndicate to the portals, you must insert a specific date.

Tip: When your listing is live and you wish to edit the on show date or time, website edit the listing and make your required changes. Once done, select the listing, then feed logs and sync the listing to your available portals, this will push the changes through immediately.

View History: If the listing was previously been on show and by clicking on "View History". You will be able to the historical data of when the previously the listing was on show and the price of the listing at that time.

On Show Directions: This is require for your website only. Please insert directions to the property to aid potential buyers.

 On Show Every Saturday/Sunday: This is only applicable (will not work for Property 24 and Private Property, they require a specific date and time) for your own website. Should these be ticked then the system/website will have the listing on show every weekend that passes. The date will be changed by the system as well automatically.

c) On Show Dates/Time: Please insert the specific dates and times the listing in on show for. Will reflect on your own website as well as Property 24 and Private Property.

FNB QuickSell Property/Bank Property

These fields are only to be used if you have an agreement with the banks and Private Property. If you do not have said agreements in place and you select any of the above options your listing will fail to syndicate to Private Property. Leave these blank if you are unsure.

External Link

Offer Details

In this section you will be able to allow prospective clients to make you an offer on the listing. "Offer status" can be set to "Accepting Offers" or "Offer Pending" or "Offer Accepted". Your Offers From should be the base price of the listing. Then add the increment to the price that clients would have to use.

This will create a form on the listing where the client can add their offer/s and their information and submit. An enquiry will be created on the listing and the primary agent will be emailed with the details of the offer. How the offer looks on your website:

To view current and previous offers, please navigate to Website > Offers. You will be able to view current and previous offers made. You can search by Reference Number or by the bidders details.

Click on image to enlargen

Clicking on NEXT STEP will save what you have captured on step 4 and take you to Step 5 where you can upload the listing images, PDFs and videos (Media Gallery).

Step 5

Listing Details

This section will provide you the Listing ID and physical address. The Listing ID is mainly used for indexing purposes within your database. However, this is NOT the listing web reference number.

Current Listing/Floor Plan Images

Here you will be able to upload the listing images for the entire property. To add images, click on the “+Add Images” button as shown below.

Once you click on the button your Internet Browser will display the file system dialogue. You will then proceed to the folder on your PC. Select the images and upload them. (Uploading Tip:  You can select multiple photos in the dialog by holding down the 'ctrl' key (Windows) or 'cmd' key (Mac) while clicking on the photos, or you can drag and drop your files on this form. Please upload landscape images no smaller than 1024px by 768px.)

Once you upload your images, you will be able to arrange them in the desired order, click and hold on the image into the correct sequence. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, click on the "Save Image Order" button, the button can be found below the last row of images.

Should you want to remove the image, please click on "Delete" in red presented at the bottom of each image. Should you want to rotate the image, click on "Rotate". Setting a caption on the image can be done by clicking on "Set Caption", this will allow the caption to reflect on image for both your own website and Property 24 ONLY (this is limited to 30 characters).Adding a caption is worthwhile for SEO purposes.

Please note Property 24has enforced a policy that no listing should have more than 60mb worth of images per a listing. It is advisable to remove any non-essential or similar images. Resize your images (preferable size per image should be <1MB) accordingly via any suitable image editing software, prior to uploading them again. For further information, please click here.

Property 24 Please note that P24 does not allow listings to share the same images or address, their moderation team will assign both listings the same P24 reference number.

Should those listings be in a development and share the same images and said development is captured on Property 24, you can insert the development ID for each of those listings so that they feed through with different P24 references.

To obtain the P24 Development ID, please locate your Development listing on Property 24. Look at the Listing URL (The web address in the search bar) and cp[y the last set of digits, see example below. In this case the P24 Development ID is 9999.

Thereafter on the Step 1, under the Property Listing Syndication section. Please insert the development ID in the "Property 24 Development ID" field for each of the listings.

Private Property

- Require a minimum of 1 image with a maximum of 30 images per listing.

- All images must be in the lowercase format ".jpg", if they are in uppercase, please rename the images files. Images MUST be landscape, please use a suitable image editing software to format your picture accordingly.

- The main image must not include any people, watermarks or logos and it must be the outside of the property.

Current Floor Plans Images - Will follow the same process above, however, these images will only reflect on your own website.

YouTube Video/Virtual Tours/Matterport

Youtube/Matterport Video: Once you have uploaded your video to Youtube or have a video link from Matterport. You will be able to insert the YouTube/Matterport video ID into their respective fields. The Youtube video will reflect on your website and feed to Property 24, the Matterport Video will ONLY feed to Property 24 and not Private Property, should you want the Matterport tour to display on your website, please insert the full Matterport URL in the "Virtual Tour" field provided.


If the URL for your video is OR for the Youtube video. For Matterport,

You are required to copy the ID, which is everything after 'v=' OR after the last "/" ( ie. Wbrn3fE14L8) and paste it into the YouTube ID block and save the listings.


For Matterport, you are required to copy the ID, which is everything after 'm='( ie. Wbrn3fE14L8) and paste it into the Matterport ID block and save the listings.

For further information, please see the below link:

To add a virtual tour, simply copy and paste the entire URL. This will ONLY reflect on our website.

** Please note that videos and virtual tours DO NOT feed to Private Property, please contact Private Property directly as they would need to load the videos manually.

Listing Documents

Click on image to enlargen

In this section you will be able to upload documents to your listing, which will be made public and prospective clients will be able to download the documents. Documents could be floorplans in PDF, rental policies, application forms, complex information and so on. Insert a document name and click on the "+Add Document" button to attach the document to the listing.

QR Code

The QR code (short for "quick response" code)is a type of barcode that contains a matrix of dots. It can be scanned using a QR scanner or a smartphone with built-in camera. Here you will be able to download the QR code and share it with potential buyers, for example, scanning a QR code with your phone will open a URL in your phone's web browser for the particular listing. Each listing will have its own unique QR code.

You're almost there!

Clicking on Done will save what you have captured on Step 5 and take you back to the summary of all your listings. You will have the option to add another full/website listing or proceed to Step 6 where you can view all the current buyers (leads) , these leads will be active buyers/tenants on your management system. This is an easy way to see potential buyers for your new listing.

Step 6

Buyer/Tenant Matches

Click on image to enlargen

The page will display the listing details accordingly and present you with matches with the following Match Index:

NB. When using the Match tool, please note the ‘Match Index’ star rating. A hot match means that the all the buyers criteria match your listing, thereafter as the scale cools the client criteria (price, area etc.) are more removed from what they would like.

Click on image to enlargen

You will be able to click on the leads name in the "Buyer/Tenant" column, edit their information, should you wish, and email the listing to them. For further information on managing leads, please click here.

Should you have the Property Email Alerts module and an active lead has signed up for alerts, they will receive when the send job runs that afternoon.

Clicking on Done will save what you have captured on the listing and take you back to the summary of all your listings. You will have the option to add another full/website listing.