Useful news and advice articles add practical value to a visitor’s property search experience. By discussing industry trends; providing market updates; dispensing valuable advice and reporting on local community news and events you will establish your real estate business as a local property expert. However, these articles must comprise of original content that can’t be found anywhere else, in order to position your real estate brand as the local property expert. 

Step 1: Login

Log into your Prop Data Management System (PDMS) by going to your company’s website URL and type “/secure” at the end of the URL.


  •    Enter your login details “Username” and “Password

  •    Click on the “Login” button.


If you can’t remember your password please use the “
Forgot Password?” link on the left of the “Login” button, alternatively if you need technical assistance? Contact Prop Data Technical Support on (031) 266 0035 or email

Step 2: Navigate to News Management System  

Once you have successfully logged into the Prop Data Management System you will need to navigate to the News Management System.

  • Move your mouse pointer and hover over the “Website” icon. The “Website” icon can be found in the top right navigation before the “Leads” icon.
  • Once you hover over the “Website” icon a sub-navigation will appear and you will then need to click on the "News” link. This will take you to the News Management System.

Step 3: Add/Edit News Article

Once you have navigated to the News Management System, you will need to click on the “Add” or “Edit” button. These buttons can be found under the main page heading. Once the “Add” or “Edit” button has been clicked you will go through to the required page, where all fields will need to be captured or updated.  

Once on the “Add” page:

  • Set the “Status” of the news article either “Active” or “Inactive”

  • Assign the news article to a “Category"
    (Note: You can add a new category by clicking on the “Add New” link on the right of the field. If you cannot see the “Add New” link this is due to permissions and you’ll need to contact your branch administrator or head office contact to request permissions.)    

  • Add the news articles “Title”, this is the heading that will be displayed on the website.

  • Add a brief “Summary” of the news article. This must not be more than 160 characters.
  • Add the actual News article to the “Body” field.    

    (Note: This will need to be added as plain text and can be styled through the editor buttons. Please DO NOT copy and paste from other websites as this will also bring across the HTML that can potentially break your website.)

  • If needed you can assign news articles to “Areas” that you are active in.

  • Please make sure that all required fields have been captured. Fields with the red triangle on the left.

  • Click on the “Add Article” button if there are no images or video links to be addedto the news article.

  • If you need to add images or videos, please click on the “Edit Article and take me to the media gallery” button. This will direct you to the Media Gallery where you can add images, order images (Make sure to select the “Save Image Order” button), and add a Video URL.   

  • Click “Done” to save all information for the news article.

  • View your new article on the front-end of your website to make sure you are happy with the image and formatting of the artice.