**Please note that this guide is for PropCtrl users.**

This guide will provide information on how to syndicate and display your listing to your own website ONLY from PropCtrl. (ie. should Prop Data manage the Private Property feed, free syndication portals, etc, the listing will not feed through)

- You will need to access your PropCtrl system and locate your listing.

- Once you are in the "Overview" page of your listing, please select "Property" from the sub-menu. This page will enable you to add/edit changes to the listing.

- Thereafter navigate to the bottom of the page to section "Listing Agents" and click the More Fields... option below that section.

- This will expand the page and more options will become available. On the "Advanced Mandate Details" section, labelled "Internal Remarks". Please insert, without quotes", "nofeed" or "no feed" and save your listing.

- When the feed processes and updates your website, this will ensure that the listing ONLY displays on your website. Of course, should you want the listing to syndicate to other property portals, there is no need to follow these steps. 

Useful Information

- Should you want both the price reduced banner not to reflect and the listing to ONLY syndicate to your own website. You can insert, without quotes, "noreduced" or "no reduced" as well in "Internal Remarks" (click here for more information).

Adding in both options (as above) will remove the "Price Reduced" banner and the listing will not syndicate beyond your own website.