Get the most out of your mandate by displaying the physical address of your listing. 

We have added a new checkbox on the listing add/edit form. This checkbox is available for all listing types. IE. Residential, commercial, new developments, estates and holiday letting. 

Benefits of displaying the listing address and complex/building name:

The ability to create uniqueness on the listing page on the website. Uniqueness of content is key from a search engine optimisation perspective and will allow the search crawlers to better differentiate one listing from another and more importantly your listings from a competitors.

It provides the consumer with more contextual information around the location of a property. Yes, the listing its advertised is a specific suburb but understanding in what part of a suburb the listing is, provides the consumer with more information to make an informed enquiry decision.

This feature needs to be used at your discretion and in light of other factors such as security concerns, consent from the home owner or tenant themselves should be sought prior to display the address.

To display the address simply check the "Display Physical Address" checkbox when adding or editing a listing. See image below: 

What does using this checkbox change?

Adding the physical address to your listing provides additional search engine search points. The below applies to all listing types. When publishing the physical address the following changes will display on the client facing side of your website:

On the listing search page:

On the listing page:

On the listing URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Commercial listing example below: Red denotes the the BUILDING NAME and blue denotes the COMPLEX NAME.

The URL will also display both the building name and complex name.