Adding a New Team

1. Select Company on the navigation menu. Then select Teams from the sub-nav.

2. Click on the Add button to access the standard team record form to complete.

3. All required fields (highlighted with a red bar) must be completed.

4. The Profile input field needs to be completed to a high standard with good composition, punctuation and grammar, especially if ‘Teams’ will be public facing.

5. High quality hero images need to be uploaded to the Media field if ‘Teams’ will be displayed on your public facing website.

6. Documents that are related to, or required by, the Team’s operational processes can be uploaded and stored on the Teams record.

Note: The names of Documents need to be edited once the uploads have completed as original file names are not automatically imported.

7. Once all detail is captured, complete and correct, click the Save button.

Show required fields

See only the minimum fields to be completed to successfully save the record

Collapse Groups 

Hide all fields available on the user detail form to see the section groups only

Required Fields 

It is mandatory to complete all marked fields to be able to save the record successfully


Select all team members from the Agents list available in the field and select one of these to become the Team Leader

Profile & Media 

Complete these 2 input fields with high quality content if Teams are to be displayed on your public facing website


Note that document names need to be edited manually once they have been downloaded to the record by selecting the "edit" button


All users with access to the Teams record can download any of the saved Documents to their own device i.e. computer, tablet, mobile

Editing an Existing Team

1. Navigate to Company on the side navigation bar and select Teams.

To find the desired team record enter the known criteria e.g. team name in Search.

3. Tick (select) the desired record and click the Edit button on the top of the screen, or right-click the team name and select Edit from the pop-up box.

4. Proceed to edit / update the required field(s) once the team record is open.

5. All required fields (highlighted with a red bar) must be completed or you will not be able to save the edited record. The management system will alert you of completion errors to be rectified before being able to save.

6. Ensure that all detail you have captured is correct, then click the Save button.

Action Buttons


Table Manager Button

Choose which columns you want to view and in which order 

Listings Per Team 
Summary view of individual team’s active listings per listing type

Teams Details

Multiple actions become available when you select an individual team record: Tick the desired record and select the Details button, or right-click the team name and select Details

This tab is a dashboard created for each team. It is a tool that provides general statistics and reporting as well as administrative details