Creating A New Listing

1. Navigate to the listings icon on the navigation bar and select the appropriate listing type required from the options:

• Residential
• Commercial / Industrial
• Holiday Letting
• Developments
• Estates

2. On your chosen listing type list view landing page click on the Add listing button. This will open the specific form that you need to complete.

Note: Provide as much detail as possible for your listing. This will ensure a superior, higher value listing

3. The minimum required fields to complete are highlighted with a red bar.

4. Highly recommended fields that are vital when aiming to create a good quality listing are highlighted with a green bar.

5. Certain checkbox selections will trigger additional related hidden drop down fields that will be marked as required to be completed for that particular chosen function e.g. Distressed Sale or On Show.

6. For a listing’s Marketing Heading: Use normal case.

7. When adding a Description note that a minimum of 250 words is recommended.

8. When mapping a property you can quickly activate the Google map by selecting the Map from address button after you have completed the mandatory Street Number and Street Name fields.

Tip: You can also enter the address into the mapping search field and then click on Copy to address to populate the Street Number and Street Name fields.

9. In the Publish Address field below the map you can choose whether
to pin either the exact address, or only the general suburb locator on the public facing websites.

10. All Features fields highlighted as ‘required’ must be completed i.e. if a certain feature is not available for your current listing, ensure that you type in ‘0’.

11. Click on the Notes button on the right of your Features fields to type in the relevant descriptive text notes.

Listing Tags (e.g. ‘Featured’ or ‘Distressed Sale’), when selected, will be overlayed on your summary images on your public facing website.

13. To complete the Seller / Landlord or Tenant detail fields: either search for an existing record in the database (enter known data and then click Search), or click + Create Contact to add a new individual record.

Note: Ensure that you scroll to the bottom of the slide out Create a Contact form and click Save before proceeding.

14. Listings will not be displayed on public facing websites and portals unless images have been added to the Photos section. Once the images are added, the Publish form fields will become accessible for edit at the bottom of the listing form. 

Note: Floorplans cannot be added in pdf format and need to be saved as jpg files before inserting to the record.

15. To add YouTube video tours: copy and paste the actual YouTube ID ONLY. I.e. the url ID section after the ‘=’.
To add Virtual Tours: insert the full URL link.

16. The final step is to complete the Publish options. Only select the options that are applicable to your current listing. Then ensure that all listing detail you have captured is correct and click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen. 

Tip: If you need to capture multiple listings in the same building / complex / estate at the same time, once you have saved the first listing, simply click the Duplicate button and edit the subsequent listings you need to add.

Best Practices

1. Best Size for Images

• 1920 × 1080 pixels
• Max. 12MB per image *
• Max. 60MB for all images on a listing *

* specific to Property24

2. Location & Mapping

• Display street address / suburb
• Pin listing on Google Maps
• Include a unique Area Profile

3. In-Depth Description / Info

• A strong marketing heading
• A detailed, unique description of the property
• Erf Size / Floor Size
• Rates & Levies information

4. Media Quality & Quantity

• Use 8 to 16 clear, unwatermarked images per listing
• Stage the area before taking pictures
• Include a video tour of the property

Remember that:

• An image name should be kept as short as possible and be formatted as .jpg
• For best results, always use landscape orientation photography
• The best external image for your listing should be used first, as your “hero image”
• Images should always be captioned (50 character limit)

To see what other syndication portals have to say about this and more, please see:

When it comes to capturing listings, here are a few steps you can follow to guarantee that they have a good quality score on the various syndication portals.

1. Always publish your listing’s physical address

2. Include a good quality video tour

3. Ensure there are an ample amount of high quality images

4. Have a strong, unique marketing heading

5. Display ERF size / floor size, rates, levies and special levies as well as other features and extras

6. Pin your listing on Google Maps

7. Include an in-depth, unique property description that highlights a distinctive feature or two. Talk about living in the home and neighbourhood

8. Make sure it links to a unique and informative area profile as having a unique area/suburb profile will give your prospective  buyers/tenants an in depth and informative look at the areas that they may be interested in.

Editing An Existing Listing

1. Navigate to the Listings icon on the navigation bar and select the appropriate listing type required from the options.

2. Find the desired listing record by:

• Enter the listing reference number in Search
• Alternatively you can search by
Branch, Agent, or Address

3. Tick the correct listing record. Then click on the 
Edit button.

4. You can also right click on your mouse when hovering over a specific listing record in the list view to access the available function options.

5. Proceed to edit the desired field(s) once the form has opened.

Note: The 
Save button will remain greyed out until you have made a change.

6. Ensure that all detail you have edited / altered / updated is correct, then click the 
Save button.

Managing Listings

Note: Standard Listing Sheets are available for you to generate and print before meeting a prospective seller at a new listing venue.

Advanced Search: This feature allows you to choose a specific set of parameters to focus your search for particular listing records that meet your search criteria.

2. If you select 2 or more listing records you will be able to select the Bulk Edit option to perform a variety of actions for these multiple records simultaneously e.g. archiving them by selecting Archived.

Action Buttons 

A large range of options will become available when a record(s) is selected from the list

Advanced Search

Allows you to choose a set of known parameters to focus your search for specific listing records

Selected State

Once a record (or several) have been selected it will be highlighted

Managing Individual Listings

1. A wide variety ofoptions of actions become available when you
select an individual listing record. Tick the desired record, then select

2. From a 
Marketing perspective you will now be able to:

• Generate a QR code for the listing to share
• Generate a Brochure - a selection of standard brochures are available - contact us for custom brochure options
• You can view the listing on your website & the main syndication portals with one click
• You can share the listing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) with one click
• View Email Alerts Sent (To whom / When)

Publish: View your publication settings for the listing

Syndication: View the listing’s syndication logs and push feeds

Leads: View, follow up on, and manage leads (electronic / telephonic) per listing

Buyer Matches: View and manage your system-generated buyer matches

Contacts: Add, edit and manage the contacts associated with the listing

Media: Add, edit and manage the images / video tours / documents for the listing

Notes: View, create and edit notes for the listing

Activity: A detailed log of all edits, updates and alterations made to the listing record




View all of the listing’s publication settings and active versus inactive portal specifications at a glance



View the listing’s current syndication status: date stamp / portal web reference number / feed duration setting / detailed message explaining the listing’s current status


Click this action button for a particular chosen portal if you need to resync i.e. send your listing updates to the respective paid portal


Once a new listing is saved, the system will auto-generate a list of prospective buyer / tenant matches that already exist in your Contacts database. The match criteria is based primarily on the area, property type (i.e. house, flat etc.) and price range specified in the buyer / tenant Profiles. 
HOT matches will meet all three of the specified requirements, and will trigger automatic alerts emails (including alerts for new listings, price reduced and show days) being sent out to contacts.
MILD and COLD matches allow for more variation, meaning that such alerts can only be activated through manual intervention by a system user.


All lead data (from your website, and the portals) that has been captured and is associated with this property will be listed on this tab.


The contact details for all individuals associated with this property will be displayed on this tab


Images, floorplans and all documents that have been uploaded for this property will be displayed on this tab